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The thousand colour man…


OKUDA, is a Spanish artist born in Santander (Spain) in 1980. He has lived in Madrid since 2005 and participated in many international urban art events in such famous places as New York, Amsterdam, Paris, London…

OKUDA is a major actor in international Street Art. He is awong the top 100 of Graffiti Art’s 2014 Urban Art guidebook. While participating in group exhibitions in various renowned museums, he also worked for glamorous brandnames like Adidas, Kia Motors, Converse or Puma…

From the start, his work has been easily recognizable, but in 2009 he gave this medium a new twist, born of greater maturity and self discovery. Geometrical colourful patterns combined with grey shapes have become his trademark : it could be defined as a mix of pop surrealism and street soul.
His work conjures up life’s meaning and contradictions. As a matter of fact, OKUDA intends to make us ponder over the conflicts between modernity and the deeply rooted traditions of mankind, as well as war and violence.



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