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Definitely an artivist…


MR ONETEAS, started graffiti in 2005. As a self-taught artist, he developed his original style
inspired by travelling, various encounters and exchanges and by this way, has left his trace in the streets of foreign capitals and major cities.
His workshop art focuses on planned obsolescence. As a matter of fact he gives a new life to materials and articles of consumption from the past, thus illustrating the evil consequences of waste in our society. He mostly gets his inspiration from our media-crazed, political and cultural environment. By diverting images and news items from their context, he gives us his critical outlook on society in a detached humorous way.

MR ONETEAS created the «Wack Donald’s Project» so as to fight against the evil effects of junk food and junk food places.

This activist has been convering his message through his art in the streets of Prague, New York, Rome, Paris, Brussels, Porto…



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“The Film” by Mr OneTeas
Year 2014


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