The modern Picasso ?


JULIEN RAYNAUD is a self taught 27-years-old painter whose style is an affealing mix of Cubism and street art. The paints in bright colours with spray paints and acrylics. He gives us an insight into his personality through paintings inspired by his own life, that convey sincerity, love and hope : a quest for a better world, a wish to make life better, less cruel, because he has definitely kept a child’s outlook on life.


Julien’s colorful characters inspired by real life scenes bewitch us, convey a heartfelt message : to love and to keep on loving, regardless of the situation. « The more painful a subject, the brighter the colours i choose to show that any obstacle can be overcome » In julien’s artistic universe, whatever the storyline, there’s always a silver lining somewhere.

Internationally famous, his paintings are exhibited in such glamourous places of Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Monaco, Paris etc…

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